On days she feels like hiding, she wears plain clothes and walk the streets – people tend to overlook her in the disguise. On days she decides to be adored and admired, she wears fancy dress and shiny accessories. More often than not, that only attracted the attention of passersby with a puddle for their… Continue reading B



More often than not, you noticed his vehicle inching up behind you. It was inconspicuous - bright red and roaring engine. Like he wants you to know he is there. But as you count down from ten and looked again, the car was nowhere to be found. And you immediately forgot that he had appeared.… Continue reading A

Harry Potter and the oRDer oF tHE pHOeniX

Harry spotted Ron and Hermoine at the end of the table as he make his way towards them, painfully aware of the gaze and attention that he attract. Collin Creevey and gang pointing and mumbling excitedly at him from a distance, Draco Malfoy sneering menancingly while he lift his spoon towards his mouth. Leave me… Continue reading Harry Potter and the oRDer oF tHE pHOeniX